For Diego, Bogota is a city of ouches.

He had to get a TB test (negative!), a Chicken Pox Vaccine, and a Flu Shot. We got to skip all that good stuff with girls until we got home to Cincy. But laws change and now you pack into a crazy office, complete with many other foreign families (God bless the UP Michigan woman adopting 5 children), all doing their best to convince their screaming children that shots are really just a pinch.

Diego was a champ – even watching the needle enter his arm – and only let out one single, tiny tear.

Today he forgot to drink water. We forgot to remind him (um, this happens to other parents right?). So this afternoon he had a headache (ouch). At dinner he overcompensated and drank too much water, causing his belly to hurt (other ouch).

So tonight he got extra kisses. Tomorrow we visit the embassy where, if we’re lucky, we’ll get his visa the same day. Which would be awesome. Because the best treatment for ouches is your own family.

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Mr. V this video is SOOOO freaking cute! Diego is quite a character! and I mus admit I loved how you explain to Diego he had a Chicken Pox Vaccine “vacuna de pollo”…. it really translates to la vacuna de la varicela 😉

Besos y abrazos para todos!

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