Busy Days: Various Updates

We’ve had some wonderful full days lately and I wanted to post a short update.

Last Saturday we visited Tatacoa. Ren wants to blog about it, so that will be a future post, but I’ll add my 2 cents here and simply say it was incredible. The desert reminded me of bits of the hill country Texas, complete with random scraggly cows and freaky looking sheep. Here’s one takeaway picture.

A visit to the Tatacoa Desert
A visit to the Tatacoa Desert

Yesterday (Sunday) we caught a flight to Bogota. Diego danced with excitement the whole way to the airport, and kept yelling out “Wow” as we took off (he has this wonderful voice that seems constantly full of amazement).

Today we’ve completed his Colombian passport (tomorrow we pick it up), got his TB test, and visit the doctor. Things are happening very fast. Wednesday the TB test gets read and then we can visit the American Embassy to get his Visa. If all goes well, we may be able to head home on Friday!

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Great to see you guys made it to Bogota. It sounds like things are proceeding well. We continue to pray for your as your family grows and melds!

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