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Someone just asked me to recommend good picture books about adoption. We have the ten books listed below and about once a month we read at least one of them to the girls. My favorite on the list is I wished for you by Marianne Richmond. It makes me cry every single time I read it! I just love it. And it gracefully approaches all the difficult questions kids ask about their adoption. My second favorite is Little Miss Spider by David Kirk.

The girls’ favorite book is Mishka. I think that’s kind of funny because it’s about a Russian adoption which is very different from our experience. But I think they really like the part about the bear getting adopted too.

Food for thought. If you have any friends who are going through an adoption, any of these books would make a great gift.

1. I wished for you; an adoption story. By Marianne Richmond
2. Tell me again about the night I was born. By Jamie Lee Curtis
3. Little Miss Spider. By David Kirk
4. A mother for Choco. By Keiko Kasza
5. We belong together; a book about adoption and families. By Todd Parr
6. A blessing from above. By Patti Henderson
7. Rosie’s Family; an adoption story. By Lori Rosove
8. I love you like crazy cakes. By Rose A. Lewis
9. Red in the flower bed; an illustrated children’s story about interracial adoption. By Andrea Nepa
10. Mishka; an adoption tale. By Adrienne Ehlert Bashista (the girls love this story even though it’s about a Russian adoption :-))

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Great list. Another Book I read often says something about being”chosen before the foundation of the world” 🙂

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