this internet thing

what´s the Ted Steven´s quote? It´s a series of tubes?

Anyway – we´re having internet issues at the hotel for family who are probably wondering what happened. Be assured all is incredibly well. We are all having a huge amount of fun. Just being family.

Hopefully we´ll get the internet fixed soon!

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Oh….so glad to know everything is o.k. We were getting worried! Love hearing about the girls. Omi can’t wait to give them hugs!

Thought I had replied to this at the Ryckbosts…went there to see how Bill was doing after his hip surgery (fine, by the way)! Anyway, so glad to hear from you. Was a little concerned when no word for awhile! Hoping to Skype soon! Love you all SO much!

Well, it is really good to hear from you again and to know that everything is going so well. I’m glad you’re having a lot of laughs together and bonding time. Can’t wait to see you. Love, mom

It sounds like things are just as they should be! Continue to just love the time you have with them without thinking about the “waiting”, because once you get home it’s back to the reality of a real routine :). The internet will continue to be hit or miss in Colombia, but to the family, be assured that they are safe and well taken care of by staff assigned to them by CHI, they are amazing. So glad you have a pool, what a blessing! So happy for you guys, savor every moment!

One question about the pool. Is it freezing? The pool we had in Florencia was so cold…. glad u are enjoying it!

Have u got to meet op with the other families?

Ditto Beth on enjoying ur time there.

Your two girls are precious! Karen shared the information about your website. What a proud grandma! Aren’t bubbles lifesavers? Enjoy each and every moment and soon you will be back home to introduce and share your new family. May God bless and protect you!

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