Aiii Papi – What Kind of Last Name is This?

When Renee and I taught in Houston our Hispanic students would stumble over our last names all the time (thus the origin of Mr and Mrs V).

Now our poor daughters are having a devil of a time getting their last names correct.

This just so completely cracks us up.

8 replies on “Aiii Papi – What Kind of Last Name is This?”

Oh Mr. V! I know how that feels!!!! your last name is just an impossible name to pronounce… only after a few years of practicing English you get to say that HUGE word. But hey, your girls look lovely trying their best to say it right.
Hugs and kisses to yall 4…
PS: you got addicted to your blog!!!

We haven’t posted yet but we check your blog multiple times a day. Your girls are awesome and the idea of you as parents feels natural even though it was sudden. We are so happy for your family.
Can’t wait for you to get home so that we can call and eventually visit!

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