So far I’ve packed clothes for the girls. Next step is to pack our clothes and then try to fit in all the activities, crafts, books, toys, etc. we want to take to stay busy in Colombia. We’re only taking 2 suitcases and one carry-on for each of us. Think we can do it? 😉

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You are way ahead of me! I’m still finding suitcases for us to bring. 🙂 We should share our final lists with each other of what we pack, I think I would feel better double checking with another family! What is your travel date again? Ours is the 16th.

What an awesome time of your life! I highly recommend packing an empty suitcase inside of another. You will be amazed at all you will amass when there!

Ah, seeing those sweet clothes lying on their precious little beds! Heaven! I wish I could hug you right now! I’m so overjoyed for you! I love you!!
P.S. That room is SO a Renee room!!

Thank you for sharing in this way. I love reading about you and live in anticipation with you. My heart is warmed for you and the girls. Love the room and the clothes. God speed.

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