Diego’s Gotcha Day

Diego's Gotcha Day Picture
Diego’s Gotcha Day Picture

Our Diego is a little man with big brown eyes and expressive face. We met him at the entrance of the building, not content to wait in our apartment, and he walked up the steps carrying a rose and strawberry flavored bon bon bum. He didn’t talk for the first hour, but did give us big hugs. And smiles, lots and lots of smiles.

We ate cake. That’s what you do in Colombia for the first gotcha day. You sugar up the kids with cake and candy (and the social workers too) and then see what happens! In Diego’s case, it was a very fun game of hide and seek.

Our routine started today (I think). Playing in the apartment for an hour or so. Taking a walk. Visiting the supermarket’s cafeteria for lunch. Swimming. A bit of downtime TV (Diego picked Sponge Bob…I can hear Kelly and Monica laughing at that one). More walking. Dinner. Lots of Skype with family (which, I think, was a bit overwhelming for him by the end of the day).

This is only day one, but it seems like he was exceptionally well prepared by his foster mom. He knows all his siblings Рeven talks about them Рand has daily habits down well (ie washing hands, brushing teeth, using utensils). With the girls I remember it being very chaotic. Diego was pretty calm and quiet for most of the day. Taking it all in I guess.

He laughs a lot.

Over the next few days we’ll post how we grow together. We’re just so happy that he’s finally with us (we’ve been praying for this day for nearly 3 years). It was a wonderful first day together.

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So glad things have gone so smoothly! You can see the resemblance of Kelly and Monica’s face in his little face too. Congratulations to all 5 of you

I am really glad to hear that everything went pretty smooth. Happy Diego’s gotcha day! I will celebrate for you guys with pandebonos and some kumis ^.^! CONGRATULATIONS!

This is beyond wonderful Renee! He is a beautiful boy, and your story is an inspiration. Congratulations and best wishes from Cincinnati AFS. Diego is one lucky kiddo!

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