Diego Fernando Vander Veen

Happy Sentencia!

Diego is officially and legally (and permanently) ours! Some hours ago Olga Elena and Sorany told me to grab the passports, head down to the courts, and give my signature. I’m not entirely sure what happened (I personally think Olga Elena worked some lawyerly magic – that or the judge was overwhelmed by the mounds of paperwork that came with this family), but we’re very happy. Thank you all for the prayers and comments from the last few days.

As for timelines, we’re still a bit unsure when we’ll be leaving Neiva. My guess is this weekend (possibly tomorrow). Olga Elena needs to complete a few more tasks, but the important parts are complete. Now the ball pretty much enters the American court – what with doctor’s visits, passports, and visas. But at least it feels like we’re moving forward.

Anyway, we of course had to post Diego trying to say his crazy new Dutch last name (the one of the girls still cracks us up).

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Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! So happy for you two…and Diego, and the whole family! Looking forward to seeing you back at church!! Enjoy the last bit of time there and safe travels home!!

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