Various Observations

Ren’s unpacking at the moment (hiding all the various gifts that need to stretch out the month) and I thought I’d post some random observations, happenings, and musings.

Airport days are just odd. Take the fact that you only get to use plastic knifes in the restaurants. This means you can calmly be cutting your hamburger and, given the right combination of angle and heft, can snap the knife so perfectly that it flicks a spray of ketchup on your “hi I’m your new dad” shirt.

Baggage compartments are dangerous. When we arrived in Bogota, the lady in the seat ahead of me opened her bin and dropped a suitcase on my head. Without missing a beat, someone in behind me exclaimed “welcome to Colombia!”

Colombians are pretty easy to understand! No eating of their words. Plus most of them get really excited when they hear why you’re here and use fun latin based adjectives (which are also easy to understand).

Ren’s rocking the Spanish. She’s fearless…walks right into any conversation. It’s awesome.

Chris and Mary are fantastic. This evening Mary was the adventurous one with the food (she ordered this interesting Colombian tamale). The rest of us went with boring (but safe) chicken and rice.

Bogota probably has one of the best climates in the world. Neiva reminds me of west Texas.

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