The Geometry of Traveling

Over the course of our marriage Renee and I have become incredibly talented with packing the (semi) necessities into small places. This is because we usually live out of car for the summer months – traveling to the hinterlands of this continent. 2004 was the high point, packing all our gear into a tiny Mazda protege and road tripping from Houston to Michigan to Alaska to California and back to Houston (15,000 miles if I remember correctly).

Our friends, the ones with children, would laugh, shake their heads, and say “wait until you have kids.”

The challenge today was to fit a week’s worth of clothing and a month’s worth of activities for 4 people (two little girls) into two suitcases that had to weigh 50 pounds or less. I’ll be honest. It was the most complicated packing jigsaw we’ve ever done.

In the end we’re left with one bag tipping in at 49 pounds and another at 51.5. We’re hoping the second one sweats off an extra pound and a half by Monday.

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