In the large list of things to freak out about for next week, I find myself going over what the first conversation will be/should be/ etc.  Which is funny, considering it will probably be such an emotional event that I won’t remember what I’m saying in the first place. Leading contenders:

  • Hola mis ninas, soy tu papi americano (most probable)
  • Soy dad, y yo te amo (the basics)
  • Hola mis ninas, como estan ustedes (too formal/old?)

It’s not so much what will be said that is obsessing me. It’s more the surreal experience adoptive parents go through with introducing themselves to their children. I’ve absolutely longed for this day for a very long time. But, being honest and all, it just seems a bit weird.

Family birth by verbal introduction.

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Oh how I remember going over the same phrases and wondering just what to say. When the time came words just came, and lots of smiles and hugs. My kiddos were a bit shy to come to us, so it was more of coaxing them toward us and showing love than with words. I am SO EXCITED for you guys. Can’t wait!!!

You will be surprised at the ease of your intrductions. Even if your girls are crying, you will immediately jump into a mode of comforting, etc. It will be a beautiful and exhausting day. Soak it all in! Best of luck!

Proud Mami of two Colombian children

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