la ciudad de la senora de la limpia concepcion de la valle de neiva

That is the official name of the city Neiva where our girls were born and raised. “The city of the Lady of the Clean Conception of the Valley of Neiva.” The city lies at the foot of the Andes mountains in a valley that the River Magdalena wraps itself around. We arrived here this afternoon at 2:30 and were met by our translator and lawyer who took us straight to our hotel, which is extremely nice. What a comfort and a blessing this will be as we get to know the girls in a safe and comfortable environment. Our translator, Sorany, took us on a brief walking tour of the city center. It’s packed with families, vendors, restaurants, and two old Catholic churches which face each other across the central plaza. One of them is over 300 years old!

More exciting news, we get to meet Kelly and Monica tomorrow morning at 9:00. We had a brief meeting with the lawyer and she told us what to do, what to bring, what to ask. Since we’ve gotten here people have just told us where to go and what to do. Too bad no one will do that for us when we start parenting 😉 But, que sera! We just skyped Zach’s sister and she asked if we are going to cry tomorrow. I told her we’re just really happy right now and I don’t think we’ll cry. Plus, if we did that might worry the girls. So, tomorrow will be a celebration. Sorany took us to a bakery to taste cakes and pick one out to take to the meeting tomorrow. I think I chose German chocolate but I’m not sure. Whatever it is, it was muy rico!

More later. We’re off to hunt for dinner.

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My prayers to you guys for the exciting day tomorrow! I think it would be ok if a few tears of happiness slip out 😉 Most importantly get a good night’s sleep.

I am so excited for you that the hotel is so nice! Not like it was that important, but what a blessing! Hope you can sleep tonight! I am so excited!!!

Meeting your daughters for the first time will be unlike anything else you have experienced. Don’t worry about what to say or do. It will be fine no matter what you say and a moment you will never forget. Enjoy it and take lots of pictures!

Your excitement just flows off the page. How wonderful. If you’re taking votes, though, I say you will cry (and the rest of us will cry later when we read about it). Even if you do, don’t worry, you will be beaming so much happiness the girls will totally understand.

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