Just some notes on being papi

I wanted to make a fun cross post here on some interesting things I’ve noticed about becoming a father. Nothing particular to adoption – and certainly noted by many before me – but (slightly) comical (at least I think so).

There’s nothing better than the laughter of my daughters. This doesn’t surprise me too much because before having daughters I would say there’s nothing better than the laughter of my wife. I love my family’s laughter.

Things just don’t gross me out as much. This has to be a survival strategy. Poop, snot, you name it you got to get over it. When they’re yours, you can.

On a similar note, I never knew how much fatherhood revolves around a toilet.

You have to eat fast. In fact, eating is an adventure. Our first eating experiences with Monica and Kelly were a whirlwind. We’ve now learned to tell them ahead of time “you have to give mami and papi some time to actually chew their food.” We’ve added a full 90 seconds to our dinning time!

Backrubs and head massages go a long way in helping to calm freak out moments.

I love incessant chattering. Both Monica and Kelly will have massive conversations with the air. Very fast, very light, and I really can’t understand a word of it (but I get the tone). It makes me happy.

Oh my gosh I am sore. Before getting on the plane my sister-in-law made a comment about coming home with some “guns” for arms. I thought she was joking. Nope. From the very first moment of waking up to an hour before bed I am holding, playing, hugging, swinging, piggyback hosting, dancing, jumping, chasing, diving, and running. For the first 3 days my muscles were screaming.

As this picture no doubt demonstrates. This is Papi trying to give a piggyback and piggyfront ride.

From January 16

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God Bless! So glad you are finally a Papi and enjoying every minute – even the challenges. Parenting will grow you and your faith like nothing else. We are so delighted that this moment has finally come!

Again, I second Raeanne’s comment! It is such a blessing to read about your love of Renee, Monica, Kelly and fatherhood! We are all blessed, truly blessed! Love you all SO much!

I am loving the big smiles on the girls faces. Be sure to capture them speaking Spanish on the video camera. All too soon they will lose much of it as they begin to learn English. We taped the kids saying their prayers in Spanish and some of their favorite songs. Oh and praying “no court #4” !!!

And I love thinking about you being a dad! Especially to these girls, because it looks like they are all set to steal your heart and give you a run for your money while doing it! You need them.

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