We had our integration meeting today with the lawyer, two social workers, and our interpreter. They all stayed for about an hour to see if we are bonding as a family. They asked us questions about the girls routine, their eating and sleeping habits, their happiness, their comfort with both mami and papi, what they do for playing, and what they talk about. They also asked Monica and Kelly if they are happy with us and if they are excited to go to the United States to their new home. They both said yes. Kelly wants to go today and Monica wants to go tomorrow. That pretty much sums up the sisterly relationship 😉 Anyhow, the social workers were very happy to see things were going well and decided we could proceed in the courts tomorrow. The lawyer said we’ll find out tomorrow which court we’re in. We don’t want #4 as it is the slowest. Oh, they also said that we can meet the other two siblings Diana and Nicolas tomorrow and from now on we’ll be able to see them when we want. They just wanted to be sure that each set of siblings identified with their own mami and papi first. Nicolas and Diana are doing great as well. To read their blog go to

We found out yesterday that Monica is very funny. She’ll be the family clown for sure. It was so comical to see her wiggle into my jeans, hold up the belt like suspenders, and start dancing around and singing a silly song. We all busted up laughing and she shined! I think as she becomes more and more comfortable she’ll really start to play it up on the family stage! Here’s the funny photo of that moment. She looks like she’s in her element doesn’t she? Quite the modelo!

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YEA!! Can’t wait until today and tomorrow come when you can take them to their home in the US. Praying as always!

Hey guys! I’m just discovering your blog and the details of your adoption of Monica and Kelly. It’s beautiful to see pictures of your family all together, just as God has planned! I miss our Houston days together, our lives have all changed so much since then, and we are all so blessed 🙂 We’ll keep following your story through this blog, thanks for keeping everyone updated.
Jamie (and Chad and Milo)

I am so happy it went well today! I was praying and will hope for a good judge tomorrow.
Let us know when a good time to Skype is. I am dying to see them!!

Hey!! soy la mama de Estefania Gonzalez, y estoy emocionada con la emocion de Ustedes!!
Ser padres no es facil, pero es facinante, emocionante y una bendicion….

Dios los Bendiga!! Love Mj

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