El Supermercado

We basically live in a supermercado.

There are two of almost equal distance away from our hotel. One has a jungle gym for the girls to go crazy on. The other is more like a walmart – food and random stuff.

We got to the supermercado usually 3 times a day. The most important time is lunch. The girls play (while Ren watches) while I do some strategic cafeteria shopping (oh how I miss fresh vegetables) and create plates of food for the girls. Everyone knows us as the gringos who are adopting 2 girls. Some even know us by name. Everyone is really happy for us.

I know the Spanish names for most of the P&G products here. For example, Tide is called Ace. How’s that for a weird fact.

It’s even sort of calming. Being in control of our food in a place that’s sorta like home.

Today has been a petulant day. We’re not really sure why. Both girls have had a number of melt downs. Fortunately they’re becoming very short. I think we’re getting better at handling them. Kelly really can’t cry for longer than 60 seconds…then she just starts giggling. Monica, I think, gets worse when she feels that she’s loosing control. Giving her options definitely helps. And just running through why she’s freaking out. We’re all starting to understand each other!

They both love giving hugs and kisses. Even after meltdowns.

We’re very much hoping (we’ve heard whispers) that we might only have 1 more week here (assuming no Court 4). That would be awesome! Not that I don’t love Colombia. We really want to come back here and explore some time! It’s just you feel a bit caged as you try and keep some kind of normal schedule for the girls. We’ll hopefully have a better idea this afternoon!

Oh – and we finally found the good fried junk food place. Last night we pigged out on grease!  Fried balls of something with meat and rice inside and Colombian empanadas! Monica loves Ketchup. You can put Ketchup on anything and she’ll eat it.

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Oh, love the videos. I listen to your spanish and am inspired to get back with the rosetta stone. argh! but im sure it helps bunches! dont worry the meltdowns will decrease mucho when you get home and there is more routine and structure (or was our experience, of course, we had a huge communication barrier so that was a factor working against us). hopefully, your court will move swiftly. praying for you all as you bond during this time!

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