“surprised with a shorter wait”

Jenny, I’m taking a quote from your comment to say that just this week we were surprised with a shorter wait!!! So many friends and family keep saying to us, “it could be shorter, you never know.” And you’re all right.

At the beginning of December we were told that ICBF was working on dossiers from September ’05 for two children ages 0-4 (our dossier is from September ’08). Just this week Wednesday we were told that ICBF is now working on dossiers from March ’07! That’s a huge difference.

I’m not sure how that all translates into wait time, but I know it’s a whole lot shorter than we anticipated just a few weeks ago. Please celebrate the good news with us by sending praise upwards and continue to pray for the children we will meet “next year?”

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Whoa!!!! That is a huge difference!! I’m sure your mind was spinning when you heard that! Thank you Lord for this unexpected encouragement!!

Oh, I received a bilingual ed catalog at school the other day that had an option to set up a registry. Here’s the link: I thought it was neat to register for bilingual books for my future kids! 🙂

Angela, yes, our heads were spinning!!! It’s very exciting to think that we might really be able to say “next year.”

Thanks for the link for bilingual books. That’s such a great idea.

I have been following your blog and I thought the wait time they said a few weeks ago seemed long. I looked at the ICBF list and it does say March 07 and that was posted back in the middle of November. So it won’t be long now. Congratulations and look forward to seeing your new family.

We are so happy to hear this encouraging news! What a blessing! We continue to pray that things progress smoothly and that you will have your children shortly!

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