stork parking: expectant mothers

I went to Babies R Us this morning to buy a shower gift for a friend. I saw 6 of these parking spaces and wondered “Can I park here?” I didn’t . . . but I wondered.


photo by zcopley

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I was shopping with my girlfriend right before we left for Colombia and there was 6 open spots and she made me park in one. It wasn’t very crowded so I didn’t feel so bad. But it felt good.

First of all, I commend you for going in that store! Our mall has those spots, and I’ve not even thought about parking there. Maybe the next time I’m there I will…….maybe, after a lot of pep talk to myself.

I just clicked over here from Jen’s blog – you got an award! – and I totally think that you should have parked there. Definitely park there next time. We are adopting our second (and beyond) children and I have always thought that ALL expectant parents should park there. You’re expecting! End of story. 🙂

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